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Individual Solutions

We talk to our clients sometimes once a week, not once a year.  We'll create the type of relationship with you that, by its nature, will make it very unlikely for you to say, "Guess what I did this year?" to us at tax time.   Because in most cases, we would have to say, "Guess what you could have saved?"  We don't like these kinds of surprises, and we don't want them for our clients.  So we work differently.

Working with Ryun, Givens & Company for your advisory and tax planning needs means:

An Ongoing Relationship with Your Advisor
Proactive, year-round planning is the key to minimizing your tax consequences and realizing your financial objectives.  Ryun, Givens & Company combines an in-depth understanding of your personal goals with tax expertise to identify strategies that help you plan for the future, achieve greater profitability, and maintain wealth.

Sophisticated Guidance on Important Decisions
Taxes impact every business transaction and every individual, it's true.  But at Ryun, Givens & Company, we know that the level of impact can be positively influenced by having experienced professionals guide you in your decisions before they're made. 

A Liason Who Knows Your Position
Ryun, Givens & Company has strategic relationships with distinct service providers in the wealth management, brokerage, private banking, insurance, and pension arenas, which allows for a team-driven approach to facilitating your tax and wealth management needs.

Our solutions for individuals include:

  • Estate and trust planning

  • Tax planning and compliance

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Insurance planning

  • Investment planning and monitoring

  • Maximization of wealth transfers

  • Personal financial planning

  • Private foundations and charitable giving

  • Succession planning

  • Entity selection, formation and liquidation

  • Executive compensation planning

  • Partnerships and trusts

  • Payroll and sales tax planning and compliance

  • Personal retirement planning

For more information on our solutions for individuals, simply call (515) 225-3141 or email