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Highly specialized service providers with complex government regulations need a partner willing to get to know them.  You need solutions that have been proven to work, delivered by people who appreciate your perspective and the details that matter to you.


At Ryun, Givens & Company, a thorough get-to-know-you process is always the first step.  Then, we'll visit the ways in which we can help you do the things that allow your operation to thrive.  You need to control expenses, so that you have enough resources to carry out your services.  You need to maximize the level of Medicaid reimbursement you receive — we are proven experts in doing this.  And in doing so, we'll uncover even more ways to maximize revenue and ensure the operation's long-term financial health.  And of course, a proactive and holistic approach to running the organization on a daily basis can provide the kind of peace of mind you need to stay focused on bigger goals.


If these are challenges for your organization, here's how Ryun, Givens & Company can help:

  • Audit, review and compilations

  • Billing, insurance and accounts receivable management

  • Business expansion, merger and acquisition assistance

  • Buy-in / buy-out structuring

  • Coding and documentation

  • Compliance and HIPAA

  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigation

  • Government and third-party reimbursement

  • Revenue enhancement

  • Staff development and training

  • Strategic planning and business plan development

  • Tax planning and structuring


For more information on how we can help you, please call (515) 225-3141 or


Home and Community Based Services

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