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Long-Term Care


Your clientele wants a place more like home.  Your waivers are set to expire soon, or they already have.  The financial future of your organization isn't as certain as you'd like it to be, and you have no data to tell you how you're performing in comparison to your peers.  And the solutions to so many of these problems are dependent on the level of Medicaid reimbursement you receive. 


If you worry about all of the above, here's how Ryun, Givens & Company can help:


Iowa Medicaid Expertise 

Through our unmatched understanding of the Iowa Medicaid reimbursement process (specifically, how to help organizations get the maximum Medicaid reimbursement to which they are entitled) you'll consider new possibilities that you may not have thought possible.    


A Sustainable Plan for the Future

Our long list of satisfied clients rely heavily on us to help them maintain the precarious balance between what consumers are demanding and what is affordable.  Ryun, Givens & Company understands that privately owned facilities and not-for-profit organizations alike must maintain a healthy financial outlook in order to achieve their respective goals.  


An Educational Approach

Ryun, Givens & Company helps decision makers in both sectors learn how to plan for major improvements, either in the way the organization is managed, through physical improvements, or both, based on their financial projections - including Medicaid reimbursement. 



Furthermore, we are distinctly able to benchmark the operations of long term care facilities against those conducting similar operations.  Have you ever wondered how your revenue and cost structures would look next to your competitors'?  We can tell you.


Specialized services we provide to the long-term care industry (private as well as not-for-profit) include:

  • Audit, review and compilations

  • Billing, insurance and accounts receivable management

  • Business expansion, merger and acquisition assistance

  • Buy-in/buy-out structuring

  • Coding and documentation

  • Compliance and HIPAA

  • Forensic accounting and fraud investigation

  • Government and third-party reimbursement

  • Operations assessments

  • Retirement plan administration

  • Revenue enhancement

  • Staff development and training

  • Strategic planning and business plan development

  • Tax planning and structuring


For more information on how we can help you, please call (515) 225-3141 or

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