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Here are Ryun, Givens & Company's areas of expertise... 

Are you a closely-held business owner with ambitious goals?


Are you an entrepreneur looking for a well structured road map that will guide you to achieving all of your goals?


Are you running a business that is in need of a financial statement audit, and/or business planning advice to help ensure that you remain profitable?


You deserve an advisor who understands the unique issues you face.  At Ryun, Givens & Company, we spend countless hours becoming intimately familiar with the challenges of your business and industry so that we can provide the best possible solution at a moment’s notice.


It is this dedication and commitment that makes us different.  It is this focus that makes us a valuable part of your team.  It is our belief that anything is possible that makes us unstoppable.


Let's start making a difference in your business. Give us a call at 515-225-3141 or email

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